luni, iunie 20, 2011

Birthday wish

Well... there are only two weeks left til my birthday... and I know I used to have really sophisticate and expensive tastes, but for now I just wanna have fun...
So all I want for my B-Day is

this beautiful A3 Cabrio, red, 2.0 TDI, 6 speeds, manual transmission, 140 HP - just enough...

So, have I been a good girl? :o3

joi, iunie 09, 2011


A soliloquy is a monologue in which someone gives voice to his or her deep feelings. Shakespeare used this device a lot in his plays: one of the most famous begins, 'To be or not to be. . . .' In this exercise, continuing the process of getting in touch with your existing beliefs about creativity, you're going to give voice to the right side of your brain, the part associated with creativity and intuition.

Fill in the following blanks as you believe your right brain would. Have fun, lighten up, and write down whatever comes to you. Don't censor yourself.

I am the spirit of ------------------ an old mage

I have traveled ------------------- through time and space

I have met -------------------- my soul sister

I have conquered ------------------ death

I have learned ------------------- to forgive

I have tried and failed --------------- to forget

I am stuck on ------------------- my future

I yearn for -------------------- my past.

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